Our People

We are in the environment creation business – working to create the environments where our employees can bring their best selves to work each and every day, in service of their co-workers and our customers.



Global Employees


North America includes the United States and Canada, EMEA includes Europe, the Middle East and Africa, APAC includes Asia, Australia and New Zealand and LATAM includes Latin America, Central America as well as Mexico.

  2021 2022
North America 39% 35%
LATAM 6% 7%
EMEA 40% 41%
APAC 15% 17%

Gender Diversity


North American

  2021 2022
Male 61% 61%
Female 39% 39%



The gender details for 6% of our international employees is unavailable or was not disclosed.

  2021 2022
Male 67% 62%
Female 28% 32%

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Pursuant to Dutch law, Dutch legal entities that meet certain revenue/employee thresholds will have to mandatory comply with diversity reporting and ambitious target setting requirements relating to the gender equality in the (sub)boards of their organizations. Because of this new legislation, Topicus.com aims to have at least 25% female representatives in 2025 across each of the three boards of its four Dutch companies that meet the specified thresholds.

North American Ethnic Demographics

Infographic of diverse group of people with their ethnic demographic percentages

  2021 2022
White 52% 54%
Not Available 30% 16%
Asian 10% 11%
Choose Not to Declare N/A 7%
Black 3% 5%
Hispanic / Latino 3% 4%
Two or more 1% 2%
American Indian <1% 1%

All data is as of December 31, 2022