What We're Doing

Our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts are best understood and viewed from the operating group and business unit level across Constellation. Our initiatives and actions are as diverse as our employees, businesses and the geographies in which we operate.



Supporting Employees with Children

Contour Group Celebrates International Father’s Day

Our Contour group prioritizes the well-being of their employees, including helping with balance between professional and personal realities. As part of its commitment they celebrated International Father's Day by hosting an event at their existing child-care centers.


The Learning Experience Partnership With Jonas (US)

The Learning Experience Academy of Early Education was established in 2005 to make it possible for working families to better afford childcare while being assured that their children are in a safe and secure environment that is close to work or home. All of our Jonas US businesses will partner with The Learning Experience to offer corporate discounts at their 167 locations across 18 US States. The program is expected to roll out by mid-year 2023.


Contour Software Provides Child-Care at All Three of Their Offices

Creating an environment where our employees can bring their best selves to work is our goal. At our Contour Software business unit in Pakistan this includes the provision of child-care at all three of their offices throughout the country. This program is in support of both our female and male employees, allowing them to spend time with their children throughout the day as well as providing a professionally supervised environment for their children’s learning and development. The team at Contour demonstrated their agility and creativity, pivoting the program to virtual during the Pandemic, continuing the support of their employees during a challenging time.


Women in Leadership

Altera Celebrates International Women’s Day With India-AWAKE

Harris’ Altera portfolio celebrated International Women’s Day with India-AWAKE (Altera Women Aspiring to Kindle Excellence). The day combined virtual games across their various offices, an in-person event at the Pune location, as well as a “Learn and Share” session with inspiring presentations that focused on the positive change our women have made.

Photo collage of Altera employees celebrating International Women’s Day with India-AWAKE

Contour Group Celebrates International Women's Day

Our Contour Group celebrated International Women's Day with thoughtful gifts and heartfelt appreciation, as they honored the valuable contributions and accomplishments of the incredible women within their organization.


Jonas International Women’s Day: Coaching Coffee Chat Initiative

The Coaching Coffee Chat Initiative was an opportunity for North American employees to connect with female leaders across Jonas as well as to celebrate and recognize International Women’s Day. Informal 15-minute chats were set up across Jonas to provide opportunities for employees to connect with women leaders across the organization for mentorship exposure and employee development. 15 women leaders generously volunteered and over 45 members of our team connected with multiple leaders throughout the week.

Photo collage of Jonas' women employees, having a video call, celebrating Women's Day

Empowering Women in Tech: A meetup at AutoSoft Dynamics

Our Contour Group hosted an event to celebrate exceptional women. The event was a blend of engaging discussions encompassing vital aspects such as career growth, work-life balance, and achieving excellence with goals. The resulting conversations ignited a passion within the women team members, empowering them to break barriers and strive for greatness.


Celebrating International Women’s Day

Several of our Harris business units celebrated International Women's Day | Month with virtual events that attracted almost 500 participants. Our women panelists shared their insights, experiences and perspectives, with a focus on the importance of transparency, openness and understanding. These conversations are an important part of creating the necessary dialogue, exchange of ideas and awareness as we continue on our DEI journey.


Vela Women in Leadership

At the Vela Connect Toronto Summit in 2022, we organized a Vela Women in Leadership dinner which brought together many of our Vela female leaders and staff from across the world to connect, share and support each other.


Volaris Women in Leadership Event

At Quadrants 2022, our Volaris group organized a Women in Leadership event, which brought together 250 leaders from across their businesses to engage on issues of gender diversity in the workplace. It was a candid discussion on the realities women face as they progress through their careers and areas where we can provide additional support. The day also featured a networking session for women looking to connect across Volaris, find mentors, and discuss opportunities in their businesses.


Jonas Women in Software & Fitness

To celebrate Women’s History Month for the second year running, Jonas Fitness honored the movers and shakers of the software and fitness industry. These women are the lifeblood and heartbeat of our industry. Our Jonas Fitness Portfolio is proud to have women represent 57% of their leadership team.


Volaris Talent Management

Volaris’ talent management program identifies leaders and builds out individual development plans, including coaching & mentorship to support leaders and to provide relevant experiences and build the skills and knowledge needed for them to continue their leadership journey. Through this program, in 2021, 20% of the available business leader positions were filled by women.



Harris Connecture Discusses the Benefits of Generational Diversity in the Workplace

Harris’ Connecture business unit hosted a panel discussion to explore the benefits of generational diversity in the workplace – with panel members representing Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials-Gen Y, and Gen Z. The panel’s goal was to explore and share their experiences with their colleagues of the challenges and benefits of a generationally diverse workplace. Some of the key takeaways included:

  • Listening to one another's perspectives to avoid getting trapped in the way things have always been done
  • Demonstrating empathy for everyone's stage in life, no matter what that may be
  • Desire to contribute and be a vital part of the workplace community, as well as be appreciated for the talents they bring to the workplace – were shared by all
  • Investing in mentoring for all employees, regardless of level

Fostering Gender Parity in Pakistan's Tech Industry: Contour Group's Empowering Partnership with CodeGirls

Our Contour Group, based in Pakistan, is proud to partner with CodeGirls [focused on empowering unemployed women from underprivileged backgrounds and bridge the gender gap in Pakistan's tech industry]. Since 2019, Contour has sponsored students, provided internships and employment, graduation ceremony space and donated hardware. Recently Contour engaged its team members as technical trainers to conduct CodeGirls boot camps, and welcomed graduating students for industry visits and mentoring sessions at its office.


Harris Pulsecheck Hosts a Discussion Panel About the LGBTQIA2S+ Community in the Workplace

The Harris Pulsecheck business unit coordinated and hosted a discussion panel: The Celebration, Discrimination and Inclusion of the LGBTQIA2S+ Community in the Workplace.

Five members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community at Harris spoke openly about their lives and experiences. They shared stories about being in a world that has historically not treated them well for being themselves. They provided thought-provoking conversations to cultivate a culture that recognizes and understands the unique perspectives and experiences of the LGBTQIA2S+ community at Harris. The panel discussion served as a call to action to create a workplace community that champions equality, challenges biases, and promotes all employees’ professional and personal growth.


Contour Group Creates a More Gender Diverse Workforce

Our Contour group, based in Pakistan, continues its multi-year efforts to create a more gender diverse workforce. From 2017 to 2022 they have increased the percentage of female employees from 13% to 20% based on a set of dedicated programs, education and support. The group’s new grad trainee program is one specific program that continues to make a difference – with 39% of almost 300 graduates hired being female.


Volaris’ Modaxo ANZ Employees Support Inclusion & Diversity

Our Modaxo ANZ employees launched an inclusion program that includes a large online library of content designed to give team members core skills and knowledge around inclusion in general, and specifically around other diversity topics. The content is largely delivered as short films and animations which make difficult concepts easier to understand - they tell real stories, create empathy and provide practical things people can do on a day-to-day basis. The program aims to strengthen inclusion awareness, embrace diversity and promote a safe and happy workplace where team members feel valued, respected and heard.


Celebrating, Connecting & Supporting our Employees

The Vela Toronto Book Club

The Vela Toronto Book Club is a group that celebrates literature and the diverse voices of female authors. The group engages in meaningful discussions, shares insights, and fosters a strong sense of camaraderie among colleagues. Together, we're embracing knowledge, challenging perspectives, and empowering one another one book at a time!

Group photo of the Vela Toronto Book Club members

Perseus Operating Group Creates Perseus Thrive

Our Perseus operating group has created Perseus Thrive as part of their internal intranet. Thrive is about expanding our understanding, celebrating, recognizing and connecting with one another by sharing our experiences.


Harris Creates Communities For Employees to Connect With Each Other

In an effort to provide a place for those with like interests, or those just wanting to learn more, to get together, one of our operating groups created Communities. Communities are a place to get to know and engage with others who share common interests – allowing for messaging, the asking of questions, the posting of content and the ability to celebrate and interact with one another. Community membership is over 2,400 (employees can be part of more than one community) and includes LGBTQ2+ Allies, young professionals, working parents, women in technology, DEI and wellness.


Supporting Our Employees In What Matters To Them

Beginning in 2023, our Perseus operating group added two additional days to their company paid holiday list.  The intent is to support our employees in what matters to them, be that observing a day that is important to them or a family member, including religious or cultural days, or volunteering for causes that have personal meaning.


Foresee Leadership Development Program

The Harris operating group’s Foresee leadership development program provides future business unit leaders the opportunity to enhance their professional judgement as it relates to leading a vertical market software business. Over a twelve-month period, successful applicants to Foresee engage in the applied practice of management and leadership concepts in the context of their own work, cooperate with others to create viable growth initiatives, and pursue operational excellence through the redesign of existing processes with an eye towards change. The 2022 Foresee cohort was equally balanced between female and male participants, strengthening our future leadership talent pipeline.


The Words We Use Matter

This led one of our operating groups to engage with a third party to leverage its text analyzer software to remove the unconscious bias that was included in their job postings – related to gender, race, disability, and age. This initiative is one example of how we are working to increase the diversity of those who apply to open positions.

HubSpot Video


Mental Health & Well Being

Jonas’ Collections & Recovery BU Supports Well Being & Mental Health

Our Jonas Collections & Recovery BU hosted an event and challenge recently with their employees. Their event focused on well being and included movement, stress relief and mood elevation techniques. Their 5-day challenge focused on mental health, with a focus on activities, actions and techniques that can be used to support better mental health outcomes.


Harris is Awarded With the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health

Over the past several years, our Harris operating group has committed to making Mental Health and Well Being a core part of what they do. Harris has worked to develop, in partnership with Bell Canada Mental Health and Anti-Stigma Research Chair and Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University, a Workplace Mental Health Leadership™ certificate program. In addition, they have launched their Because We Care campaign with a continued focus on Wellness in the Workplace. Their efforts were recognized in 2022 and 2023 with the Bell Seal for Mental Health America Platinum Certification. This first-of-its-kind workplace mental health certification recognizes employers that strive to improve employee mental health and create a psychologically safe workplace for all.

Photo collage of 2023 Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health Recipients

The Modaxo 6 Support Healthy Minds

Six of our Volaris Modaxo TGUK employees teamed up to create the Healthy Minds Champions. This group supports their colleagues with their health and wellbeing no matter where someone is starting from. Their activities include: monthly newsletters, podcasts, What’s On Your Mind sessions, a listening service, manager training as well as other organized activities.

Group photo of the Volaris Modaxo TGUK employees who've teamed up to create the Healthy Minds Champions

Jonas Mental Health First Aiders

Our Jonas UK portfolio has created the opportunity for our people managers to be trained as Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) through MHFA England. With the reality of a more remote working environment, having trained MHFAs available provides not only the skills, confidence, and training but more importantly the tools to better support our employees by reducing stigma, increasing wellbeing, and encouraging people to thrive at work. We are proud to share we have 50 trained Mental Health First Aiders.


Topicus Topifit Program

Our Topicus operating group continues to support the overall well-being and vitality of their employees through their Topifit program. The program includes a focus on nutrition, physical activity, and supporting a positive mindset combined with social interaction and accessibility.


Psychological Safety

Harris’ HLG (Harris Local Government) business unit collaborated with Harris’ HR organizational development and learning group to complete a 6-week learning path that focused on Psychological Safety.

Establishing a climate of psychological safety allows space for everyone to share their ideas without the fear of being punished or humiliated and promotes interpersonal trust and a climate of respect. The learning path included participation in an anonymous survey, completion of a pre-work assignment, attendance at two 45-minute sessions, and supplemental learning materials. Three distinct sessions were held for those in management roles, those in non-management roles and for all employees together. Each session included small group discussions and ended with participants being asked to think of “I Will” statements to declare how the group will commit to promoting psychological safety within HLG.


Bringing Awareness to Our Indigenous Communities

First Nations Recognition Committee

Volaris’ Modaxo ANZ employees formed a First Nations Recognition Committee to raise awareness and education about Indigenous cultures, histories, and current issues and also help create a more inclusive and culturally responsive workplace and contribute to reconciliation efforts between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

As part of the committee’s efforts to drive awareness and support reconciliation, they partnered with Yalari, a not-for-profit organisation that offers quality, secondary education scholarships at leading Australian boarding schools for Indigenous children.

Group photo: Volaris’ Modaxo ANZ employees formed a First Nations Recognition Committee

Harris’ Cogsdale Business Unit Brings Awareness to Truth & Reconciliation

Over the past two years, Harris’ Cogsdale business unit has committed to educating, supporting, and bringing awareness to the importance of Truth and Reconciliation and what it represents for Indigenous Communities and Canadians at large. In 2021, we provided our employees with access to resources focused on creating a deeper understanding of the repercussions and generational impact of Indian Residential Schools and concluded the week long initiative with a video prepared for Cogsdale by Jenene Wooldridge, L’NUEY Executive Director.  In 2022, we continued this important initiative with five days of guided learning and concluded the week by commemorating and supporting Indigenous voices by hosting a fireside chat with Pete Thompson, an intergenerational survivor of Indian Residential Schools and workshop coordinator at the Indian Residential School Survivors Society (IRSSS). To thank the IRSSS Cogsdale made a corporate donation to the organization.


Operational Resilience

Our Jonas Operating Group is working with its customers to specifically measure their crisis management capability and performance, in support of their operational resilience efforts. Enabling their customers to better understand the value of their operational resilience capability and maturity as well as inform their investment decisions related to their crisis management efforts is one of the key goals.

Group photo of Jonas employees and customers