What We're Doing

Our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts are best understood and viewed from the operating group and business unit level across Constellation. Our initiatives and actions are as diverse as our employees, businesses and the geographies in which we operate.



Supporting Employees with Children

Creating an environment where our employees can bring their best selves to work is our goal. At our Contour Software business unit in Pakistan this includes the provision of child-care at all three of their offices throughout the country. This program is in support of both our female and male employees, allowing them to spend time with their children throughout the day as well as providing a professionally supervised environment for their children’s learning and development. The team at Contour demonstrated their agility and creativity, pivoting the program to virtual during the Pandemic, continuing the support of their employees during a challenging time.


Women in Leadership

In the fall of 2018 our Harris operating group hosted its first Women in Leadership – with over 150 female individual contributors and leaders attending. Coming out of this summit three mentorship circles were established, each led by a female executive, to continue the ongoing support, engagement and development of our future female leaders. These ongoing forums provide our female leaders and aspiring leaders with relevant mentorship, experience and knowledge sharing as well as networking opportunities.


Two of the portfolios within our Jonas operating group – Fitness & Construction – celebrate and highlight the women in their respective industries with their Herstory and Women in Construction Week initiatives. Both initiatives are designed to acknowledge the leadership, impact and contributions being made and to provide inspiration for all who are on their journey.


Volaris’ talent management program identifies leaders and builds out individual development plans, including coaching & mentorship to support leaders and to provide relevant experiences and build the skills and knowledge needed for them to continue their leadership journey. Through this program, in 2021, 20% of the available business leader positions were filled by women.



In an effort to provide a place for those with like interests, or those just wanting to learn more, to get together, one of our operating groups created Communities. Communities are a place to get to know and engage with others who share common interests – allowing for messaging, the asking of questions, the posting of content and the ability to celebrate and interact with one another. Community membership is over 2,400 (employees can be part of more than one community) and includes LGBTQ2+ Allies, young professionals, working parents, women in technology, DEI and wellness.


Foresee Leadership Development Program

The Harris operating group’s Foresee leadership development program provides future business unit leaders the opportunity to enhance their professional judgement as it relates to leading a vertical market software business. Over a twelve-month period, successful applicants to Foresee engage in the applied practice of management and leadership concepts in the context of their own work, cooperate with others to create viable growth initiatives, and pursue operational excellence through the redesign of existing processes with an eye towards change. The 2022 Foresee cohort was equally balanced between female and male participants, strengthening our future leadership talent pipeline.


The Words We Use Matter

This led one of our operating groups to engage with a third party to leverage its text analyzer software to remove the unconscious bias that was included in their job postings – related to gender, race, disability, and age. This initiative is one example of how we are working to increase the diversity of those who apply to open positions.

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Mental Health & Well Being

Our Jonas UK portfolio has created the opportunity for our people managers to be trained as Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) through MHFA England. With the reality of a more remote working environment, having trained MHFAs available provides not only the skills, confidence, and training but more importantly the tools to better support our employees by reducing stigma, increasing wellbeing, and encouraging people to thrive at work. We are proud to share we have 50 trained Mental Health First Aiders.


Our Topicus operating group continues to support the overall well-being and vitality of their employees through their Topifit program. The program includes a focus on nutrition, physical activity, and supporting a positive mindset combined with social interaction and accessibility.